“Curatr complimented the learning in this course perfectly. It was also very helpful in finding and linking objects with similar themes through the usage of collections, albums, and guides”. - Ryan Klayman, Caterpillar, USA.
“It’s amazing how addictive this Curatr actually becomes once you get into the swing”. - Paul Clayton, Barclaycard, UK.
“The website is fantastic I really enjoy the elements of ranks, levels and gateways. The format of a game like site is excellent and helps to motivate”. - Maria McKeown - Office Depot, UK.
“I’ve been playing around with Curatr, visiting briefly the various items and spending a little more time with items of special interest or significance, just like I would in a museum.” - Santosh Joy - AOMi, India.
“Curatr integrates some of the best practices of instructional design and social media”. - Kristina Schneider, Brandon Hall Research, USA.
“From what I’ve seen it’s certainly innovative and we’ll be keen to track progress”. - Adrian Jones, Elearnity, UK.
“I have spent the past two days completely engrossed in your Curatr system – it’s awesome! This is what content management and eLearning SHOULD look like.” - Kristen Bourgault, Instructional Designer, Quinnipiac University, Canada.
“The interface is very natural, and links to familiar concepts, so is easy to navigate around. The game elements I like a lot”. - Alex Moseley, Educational Designer, University of Leicester, UK.
This was the first time that I have completed language learning online and I was very satisfied. The training and the exercises were very coherent and relevant to what I wanted to learn. I was very pleased with this program. Arthur, France.
Everyday in my field of work I use multiple languages, but I had problems with the grammar… The results that I obtained with Lecoli language truly surprised me! I had never before used an e-learning platform, and I have got to say that I had a very positive reaction! What I love the most was the ease of use associated with this platform. I have already recommended Lecoli language to my friends, and I would be happy to pick up where I left off! Elisa, Italy.
I started to use Lecoli language out of curiosity. I already had experience using e-learning, but Lecoli language truly outperformed my expectations. This was a purchase that I was truly happy to have made. I mention Lecoli language to everybody who asks me how I was able to improve my English so quickly. Paola, Italy.
Lecoli language seems to have embraced e-learning to its fullest. They have made their platform intuitive and automatic in order to facilitate e-learning where no professor is necessary. All of their tools are integrated to make auto-education possible and adapt to individual development in the language. E-learning Answer, USA - www.elearninganswer.com.
The first impressions were great, there is a very large number of activities and exercises available and so I decided to improve my English over the course of six months. I was able to choose from six languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and German! I still haven’t been able to test out all of the different activities, since the diversity is so vast! (…) What I loved the most was the Speech Trainer, where I received an evaluation of my pronunciation. Langues Mag, France - www.01langue.org.