What will I learn with Lecoli Language™?

Lecoli Language ™, through its partner, offers a blended learning approach to help you learn the language of your choice more effectively. There is a wide range of languages to pick from; whether it is English, French, Spanish, Italian or German.


What will I accomplish with Lecoli Sharing™?

We learn better when we learn together. Once you have had a taste for social learning with LearnHub, move your institution to the next step thanks to Lecoli Sharing and its partner, Curatr. Together, they will unleash the full power of what it means to be part of a true learning community. Use it to trigger discussion and creating a truly social learning experience.

01. Social Learning & Enhanced collaboration

Collaborating with other people is a fundamental part of organisational learning. It’s what you do day-to-day.  So, using an online learning platform that doesn’t have social features is like riding a bike without wheels. That is why Curatr is the solution your organisation need to help your learners progress at fast pace.

02. Foster healthy competition

Gamification is how we guarantee learner engagement in social learning. Gamification can lead to stellar results; mass engagement, healthy competition and real recognition

03. Curate & Share

The world is full of rich content, so let’s use it. Curatr allows you to aggregate content from around both your organisation and the wider web.

04. Seamless Assessment

Generate reports and monitor students' progress Curatr allows for a wide-range of assessments to be built right in the platform. Multiple Choice Questions, Discussion Questions, Peer Marking, Assignment Uploads and more are all available as standard and are used to quantify learning before allowing learners to level-up.

05. Create highly engaging courses

All it takes to build a course, is a simple 3 step process; create levels, add objects, then invite your users.


What will I benefit from Lecoli Training™?

01. Exhaustive catalogue of tutorials

Our extensive catalogue - featuring 18256 tutorials - means you can begin training on all the software applications that you use every day. Each tutorial covers a specific theme or operation. In just a matter of minutes you'll be ready to go! With hundreds of subjects to choose from, you'll have everything you need to get started, get learning, and get your solution.

02. Always up-to-date

Remember when you had to wait months or even years before you could start training on the latest applications installed on your machine? That's history. With Vodeclic, you'll have all the tutorials on the latest software applications to be launched, including Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and Google Apps. A hundred new tutorials are added to the catalogue every month.

03. Training framework

Our exclusive training framework organizes our 18256 tutorials into 10 key categories and 55 skill sets. This framework means that you can focus your training on specific abilities, such as "Protecting your personal data", "Configuring your operating system" or "Inserting and editing text".

04. Assessment

Before starting your training course, put your skills to the test and find out your IT level with our assessment module. Your results will help you to target your training and focus on the tutorials that matter most to you. Once you have finished your course, you can evaluate the progress that you've made and the skills that you've acquired.

05. Certification

Use Vodeclic to prepare for IT and office software certification and strengthen your CV: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), International Computer Driving license (ICDL), Test On Software Applications (TOSA) and more.


How can Lecoli Management™ services help transform my organization for better performance?

01. Registration & Admissions

The Next.ERP registration Suite is the focal point for all your students’ lesson by lesson activity putting detailed information on non-attendance, behaviour and achievement at your fingertips.

02. Curriculum Management

Management pupil’s timetables quickly and easily, ensuring the process of producing a complete school curriculum is less time consuming and more productive overall. The module also allows you to design the best curriculum and schedule a timetable that suits the majority of your students whilst maximising the efficient use of teachers and other resources.

03. Assessment & Reporting

Next.ERP assessment and reporting module is the focal point for your assessment data, providing you with a highly structured and manageable system for assessing and tracking student progress.

04. Parental involvement

Imagine being able to keep parents fully up to date with everything relating to their child’s school life, from notifying them of open evening dates to unexpected school closures. Parental engagement is vital to children’s academic progress. With the Gateway, parents can log on from any PC to access information such as attendance and student progress.

05. Financial Management

Get a comprehensive ‘at a glance’ picture of your school’s finances and resources to help you ensure your school’s funding and resources are put to the best possible use. You can handle payments quickly and efficiently, manage budgets and equipment, and track spending and staff costs against commitments.

06. Cost effective

By publishing student reports online, your school will significantly reduce printing and postage costs.

07. Cross-platform

Use Next.ERP is compatible with all android/IOS devices including PCs.


What canI get with Lecoli Education™?

For education institutions 

01. Our Connected School model 

02. Needs Analysis

03. Learning Graph 

04. Platform Selection 

05. Application Selection 

06. Knowledge Management 

07. e-Learning Resources Pack 

08. Math Learning Pack 

09. Science Learning Pack 

10. Computing Learning Pack 

08. Revision Packs

For businesses 

01. Training/Learning strategy design 

02. e-Learning & Learning content design strategy 

03. Professional development.


How do I install Lecoli Learning™ software?

Should you require to install a software on your device/PC please go to our download page and use your access code to download the specific software. Then follow the instructions in the pop up box during the installation. Alternative you can contact our customer service for further assistance. 

How do I activate/deactivate a service?

Upon payment of services on our website or through Lecoli network of partners we will email you an activation code and as well as an activation link. Please open the link provided and use the activation code to access the services.

Where do I renew my subscription?

Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of service period. If you do not wish to renew your subscription please contact us 15 days before the renewal date.

I'm receiving an error message when using the product, what do I do?

Should you encounter issues while using our products, please contact our customer service which will assist you or resolve the issue. 

I forgot my user name or password

If you forget your username and/or password, please send an email to our customer service with your details (name, email address, telephone number and membership number). Upon verification of your details you will receive an email from our customer service with instruction to reset your log in. 

What version of Adobe Flash Player is required for Lecoli Learning services?

Lecoli Services use the latest technologies and are often HTML5 compliant, which means that they do not require Flash. However, when it is the required, you will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player in order to make the most out of your learning experience. 

What browsers does Lecoli products support?

Our products are compatible with Firefox, IE, and Google Chrome 

What are the system requirements for the e-learning courses available on Lecoli website?

Our products can be used on most devices and operating systems (Windows, Mac, OS, Android) 

Will I be able to run this on my PC? What if I have a Mac?

You will be able to use our product with Mac or Windows 

How and where can I get mobile apps for my iPhone, iPad, or Android device?

Most of our services and solutions are cross-platform and often have a native IOS, Android and Windows app if not.