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Imagine it, a world where every single one of the citizens understands that even Freedom is not free and behave accordingly:

They enjoy their lives, the time they spend with each other and cherish their mental and physical well-being.

They work, create, innovate to generate a wealth that help themselves and their society move forward.

They contribute their spare time to the community, help and support each other whenever possible.

They use the resources available in a responsible way and aim to produce the least waste possible.

They all speak several languages and are able to see the beauty in anything different, from the skin colour to the viewpoint passing by the culture.

They value education to the highest point and take every opportunity to share their knowledge.

The best way to get closer to such a perfect society is to give an opportunity to children to witness it taking place in their own schools. An innovative approach to school organization, structure and the way technology is used in the classroom are very important in supporting the teachers and the rest of the schools in making such a high quality education possible and affordable.

The schools following this ethos and implementing some if not all of the principal described are Connected Schools.

Connected Schools are the expression of the need to turn this vision into a reality thanks to the power of education. They are the embodiment of the expression of the need to work collaboratively, efficiently and creatively as human beings.

The implementation of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions coupled with an innovative Social Learning Platform enable Connected Schools to demonstrate the positive impact cloud computing can have in a school by making a very high quality of Education affordable and scalable.

Each time one will open, it will enable all the Connected schools throughout the world to make more economies of scale that they will be able to reinvest in the education of a connected learner, regardless of the location of his or her Connected School. 

The Social Learning Platform and the specialist language status of all Connected School will ease the links between Connected Schools, their learners, teachers and parents around the world.